General Questions

Aluminum is more cost efficient, dissipates heat faster than steel, the cycle times are reduced, and adapts more readily and faster to engineering changes. Plus, it’s what DRS does best.

Our vision here at DRS is to partner with customers to commercialize better products, faster. DRS Industries helps businesses get products faster and with a lower cost. We are the Aluminum Tooling and Molding Experts.

Yes, it can. We will work with you on the project from the start of the mold design, all the way to the completed product. DRS will do the design, build your tool, mold your parts, and ship them to you, all under the same roof!

There are a few items that factor into that answer. The customer requirements (whether it is a prototype or a production tool), part geometry, and the molding material are all types of information DRS needs to answer that question. Aluminum tools can support production requirements ranging from 1 to 1 million+ parts.

To get a quote, simply click “Request a Quote” on our website or send us the project data directly to estimating@drsinc.com and a team member will be in contact with you shortly.

We have 12 CNC machines, Boring Mill, EDM, and 9 Injection Molding Presses (ranging from 95 ton to 730 ton).

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