Rapid Tooling

Low Cost, Fast Delivery, Short Cycle Time

The most critical element to an injection molded part is the tooling. At DRS, we utilize a complete tool making system that allows us to customize your tool depending on the material and function of your part. Why pay more money for a tool if it is not needed? We evaluate your project and build a tool that fits your needs. DRS has been building quality tools that last for more than 35 years. DRS builds tools for prototyping, low volume production, and higher volume production. Your product has a need, we have a tooling solution. Our rapid cut tooling solutions focus on:

  • Shortest possible lead time
  • Minimizing customer expenditure
  • Integrate automation wherever possible to reduce piece cost
  • Adaptive tool design that reduces setup cost and time

Because we fully 3D model and detail every mold component, customer driven part design changes can be incorporated quickly, while protecting your development budget.