Rapid Tooling

Low Cost, Fast Delivery, Short Cycle Time

The most critical element to an injection molded part is the tooling. At DRS, we utilize a complete tool making system that allows us to customize your tool depending on the material and function of your part. Why pay more money for a tool if it is not needed? We evaluate your project and build a tool that fits your needs. DRS has been building quality tools that last for more than 35 years. DRS builds tools for prototyping, low volume production, and higher volume production. Your product has a need, we have a tooling solution. Our rapid cut tooling solutions focus on:

  • Shortest possible lead time
  • Minimizing customer expenditure
  • Integrate automation wherever possible to reduce piece cost
  • Adaptive tool design that reduces setup cost and time

Because we fully 3D model and detail every mold component, customer driven part design changes can be incorporated quickly, while protecting your development budget.


DRS utilizes a custom tooling approach that offers the benefits of low cost prototype tooling and the ability to choose from a few grades of aluminum to find what fits your project best. We will evaluate your part, material options, and temperature of the resin selected to make sure your tool is built with the correct material.

  • 5000 Series Aluminum: Great for low volume prototype tooling. If you want a few shots from your tool to test form, fit, and function, this may be your option. This will help lower costs and get you great injection molded parts fast! Not built to run thousands of parts, but this will certainly do the job for prototyping. Not typically great for high temperature materials but most general plastics will be fine to run in this aluminum.
  • QC10 Aluminum: A soft grade aluminum that is easy to cut and can provide great finishing. Perfect for prototype but also being utilized for low volume production. You still can provide high polishing and textured graining to the surface of the tool. Also, a lower cost option for tooling that can be cut quickly. QC-10 combines the high thermal conductivity of aluminum with higher hardness and strength, more uniform properties through thickness, and greater corrosion resistance than previous aluminum alloys. A great option for quick change, low volume production runs.
  • 7000 Series Aluminum: 7000 series commercial aluminum alloys offer some of the highest strength aluminum alloy material on the market. The range of 7000 series aluminum is alloyed with zinc and can be precipitation hardened to provide the highest strength of all commercially available aluminum’s. For any parts that will require bridge tooling options or a lower volume production consistently over the course of multiple years, this is your grade aluminum. Still much lower cost over steel, this can provide you with the best option for your tool to last and hold up under high temps or filled materials. This is a healthy option for any production level.